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In 3 minutes we have a healthy beach dinner packed... our new after daycare pick up routine. Thanks for helping us make family memories easy and stress free 😘💃🏻🤸🏽‍♀️

Melissa, mom of 4 yr old and 2 yr old

"I was so smiley at dinner last night as I watched Bobby gobble up your super healthy food! He is so picky and normally opts out of sauce on his pasta, so the fact that he went right into yours speaks volumes! I am psyched!"

Laney, mom of 3 yr old and 1 year old

Where have you been all my life?! My girls ate lunch today without an issue for the first time in weeks! They are now chowing the choco bites on top of it! Thank you times a million!

Carla, mom of 2 year old twins

Thank You! It really made tonight go so much easier! With a sick hubby/kids and work tomorrow [your meals] made tonight so much less stressful!

Erin, mom of 2 yr old and 5 yr old

Ayla loved her meal! We're having an issue in general with her not eating enough at dinner and then asking for snacks later on so it was a win that she asked to finish her dinner instead of asking for snacks!"

Tina, mom of 4 yr old and newborn

I couldn't be more excited about Yumma Meals. They are exactly what I need - a fast but healthy option. I have stocked up for nights we have a babysitter, when I am running late from work, or days I just don't want to cook. Our Wee One is 3, so each meal is big enough that I am able to get 2 meals out of it. It is an great value. I am looking forward to each of the new offerings. Keep them coming!

Kelly, mom of 3 yr old

So excited! My daughter would not even begin to entertain putting any vegetables near her mouth. She ate the magic marinara with melty mozzarella and LOVED it! Can't wait to buy more! Thank you for these amazing options.

Tracy, mom of 3 yr old

It can be tough to get my son to eat dinner each night, especially something well balanced. These provide the nutrition he needs and are easy for nights I'm not cooking something he will eat. He also loves the chocolate bites (shh he doesn't know they are healthy) If he eats his dinner he gets two as a treat!

Lindsey, mom of 3 yr old and 8 month old

My daughter asked to eat the bolognese for dinner and announced that it was yummy in her tummy as soon as she ate it! We were amazed bc she’s never been into meat sauce before! Thanks, I’m sure we’ll be ordering again next week!

Lainey, mom of 3 year old