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Crazy Bolognesey with hidden veg
Crazy Bolognesey with hidden veg
Crazy Bolognesey with hidden veg
Crazy Bolognesey with hidden veg

Crazy Bolognesey with hidden veg

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Dairy free

Egg free

Tons of veggies pulsed into teeny tiny pieces then slow simmered with grass-fed, pasture-raised beef to intensify the natural flavours of the beef and vegetables. Served over pasta. Contains a whopping 2.6 mg of heme* iron which is super important for healthy brain development and physical growth. 


Pasta (semolina wheat, durum wheat flour, vitamin B3 niacin, iron ferrous sulfate, vitamin V1 thiamine, mononitrate, vitamin B2 riboflavin, folic acid), grass-fed, pasture-raised beef, organic carrot, green bean, zucchini, onion, sweet potato, celery, organic tomato paste, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, garlic, sea salt, black pepper.  

Heating & Serving Instructions

Guidelines only, appliances may vary.

Pierce film or peel back corner.
Frozen: Heat on HIGH for 3 min. 
Chilled: Heat on HIGH for 1 min 45 sec.

Toaster oven not recommended.
Preheat oven to 350F. Remove film and cover with foil. Place tray on sheet pan.
Frozen: 30 min.
Chilled: 20 min.

SERVING SUGGESTION: Top with grated parmesan cheese or shredded cheddar


Toddlers ages 1–3 years need 7 milligrams of iron each day. Kids ages 4–8 years need 10 milligrams while older kids ages 9–13 years need 8 milligrams.

Iron from animal sources ("heme iron") is more easily absorbed by the body than iron from plant sources.) 

For more on the iron needs of children click here.